Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Version Of XPLAN_ASH Utility

A new version 4.23 of the XPLAN_ASH utility is available for download.

As usual the latest version can be downloaded here.

This version comes only with minor changes, see the change log below.

Here are the notes from the change log:

- Finally corrected the very old and wrong description of "wait times" in the script comments, where it was talking about "in-flight" wait events but that is not correct. ASH performs a "fix-up" of the last 255 samples or so and updates them with the time waited, so these wait events are not "in-flight"

- Removed some of the clean up code added in 4.22 to the beginning of the script, because it doesn't really help much but spooled script output always contained these error messages about non-existent column definitions being cleared

- The "Concurrent I/O" sections will now also be skipped in LIMITED_ASH mode

- Some more fixes to the I/O figures in the "Activity Timeline based on ASH" - the spreading introduced in 4.22 needed some further refinement (see 4.22 change log for more details)

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