Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting - Live Session" presentation details

As promised during my recent public appearances at SIOUG, DOAG and UKOUG here are the presentation details for my "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting - Live Session", in particular the scripts used for this session.

You can download the presentation slides here, and the scripts archive here.

The scripts archive contains again the presentation slides, along with two subdirectories, one containing the demo scripts used in the presentation, and another subdirectory with the tools demonstrated for troubleshooting.

There is a README file in the top directory of the archive that explains the prerequisites and the installation steps along with other details that are required for reproducing the demos, in particular which scripts need to be modified depending on the configuration and environment.

Each script is documented with a header comment that explain further details where required.

You can use the presentation slides to see which scripts have been used for demonstration by checking the script names on the corresponding "Demo Time!" slides.

Happy troubleshooting!