Oracle Database Performance: Hands On Workshop (ENG)

Why attend this workshop?

The Oracle database offers various tools that can be used to measure performance - in this hands on workshop you will learn the basic principles of several of them with the focus on "do it yourself" under my guidance. By applying the techniques yourself we can discuss what you need to consider when making use of the tools and how to interpret the results correctly.

The prepared examples are provided as interactive HTML training material and therefore can be used after the workshop for reproducing and comprehending the learned techniques.

Topics covered

  • Basic understanding of performance and how it can be measured in the database

  • Learn how to properly read and understand the execution plans generated by the optimizer

  • SQL Trace hands on

  • Rowsource Statistics hands on

  • Session Statistics hands on

  • Active Session History hands on

  • Real Time SQL Monitoring hands on

  • AWR / ADDM / Statspack hands on

Required skills

Thorough understanding of Oracle Architecture and SQL

Target audience

DBAs and developers

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