Sunday, November 7, 2010

Public Appereances - Past and Future

The Michigan OakTable Symposium (MOTS) in September has been a great event with so many outstanding speakers. It has been a pleasure to spend time with my fellow Oakies and meet many of them in person for the first time. My own two presentations about the Cost Based Optimizer ("Understanding System Statistics" and "Everything you wanted to know about FIRST_ROWS_N") were received pretty well I think.

My visit to the SIOUG 2010 was also very nice, in particular meeting again with Christian Antognini and Joze Senegazcnik.

I'll be presenting at DOAG 2010 mid of November in Nuremberg. This time my presentation will be given in German, which is interesting since I do my presentations mostly in English even here in Germany since there always seem to be some attendees that don't speak German...

My presentation is scheduled at 4 pm on Wednesday, the 17th November, in the room "St. Petersburg", and is called "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting - Live Session". In this session I'll walk through some common and less common troubleshooting scenarios, in particular some scenerios where the usually helpful wait interface / session statistics / ASH / ADDM approach tends to be useless. This is mostly a live demonstration show along with a few slides describing the issue and the techniques applied.

I'll also be presenting at UKOUG 2010 end of November / beginning of December in Birmingham. I'll be doing again my "Understanding the different modes of System Statistics" and also give the "Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting - Live Session" presentation, this time however that presentation will be split into Part 1 and Part 2 each taking 60 min. which allows me to show even more troubleshooting cases and also spent more time on the "basic" troubleshooting skills which are probably more relevant in everyday life than the interesting but rare "advanced" stuff.