Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SOUG Training Day May 2016 in Switzerland

I will be one of the speakers at the first SOUG performance training day, together with Christian Antognini, Franck Pachot and Clemens Bleile.

The event will take place in May this year in Switzerland at two different locations / days (one in German language, one in French, except mine, which will be in English).

My presentations will be:

- Analyzing and Troubleshooting Oracle Parallel Execution

- Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting

Hope to see you there!

Update: Here is the link to the official landing page of the event on the SOUG website.

Below is the official announcement published by SOUG with more details:

"Block the date ! SOUG performance training day the 18th and 19th of May exclusively in Switzerland"

In 2016 the Swiss Oracle User Group (SOUG) will introduce a new kind of event called the "SOUG training day".

During a whole day several world class speakers will teach the participants on a particular topic.

This year, Christian Antognini (Trivadis), Randolf Geist, Franck Pachot (dbi services) and Clemens Bleile (dbi services) will help the participant to manage the performances of their Oracle databases. The following topics will be addressed and explained in depth :

Strategies for Keeping Object Statistics Up-to-Date
Next-Generation Oracle Database - New Performance Features
Analyzing and Troubleshooting Oracle Parallel Execution
Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting
Interpreting AWR Reports - Straight to the Goal
All About Table Locks: DML, DDL, Foreign Key, Online Operations in regards to performance

The SOUG invites you to block the following dates to be sure that you do not miss such an incredible opportunity to meet the cracks :

- 18th of May in Olten - presentations in German
- 19th of May in Geneva - presentations in French (Mr Randolf Geist will present 2h in english)

This training day will be proposed to very attractive conditions :
- CHF 500.- for SOUG members
- CHF 1000.- for non-DOUG members

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