Monday, December 28, 2015

New Version Of XPLAN_ASH Utility

A new version 4.22 of the XPLAN_ASH utility is available for download.

As usual the latest version can be downloaded here.

This version primarily addresses an issue with 12c - if the HIST mode got used to pull ASH information from AWR in 12c it turned out that Oracle forgot to add the new "DELTA_READ_MEM_BYTES" columns to DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY - although it got officially added to V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY in 12c. So now I had to implement several additional if/then/else constructs to the script to handle this inconsistency. It's the first time that the HIST view doesn't seem to reflect all columns from the V$ view - very likely an oversight rather than by design I assume.

Apart from that the I/O figures (Read Bytes / Write Bytes etc.) in the "Activity Timeline" make more sense for those cases where a process hasn't been sampled for several sample points (see below for more details).

Also in case an execution plan could not be found it is now made more obvious with a corresponding message that you might be able to pull the execution plan from AWR by using different ASH modes (MIXED / HIST).

Here are the notes from the change log:

- Fixed a funny bug that in 12c they have forgotton to add the DELTA_READ_MEM_BYTES to DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY, so in HIST mode with 12c prior XPLAN_ASH versions could error out with invalid column name

- Change the way the I/O figures are treated in the "Activity Timeline based on ASH". Now the I/O per second is spread over the (previous) samples covered by DELTA_TIME. This should give a smoother representation of the I/O performed and much closer to what you see in Real-Time SQL Monitoring reports. The difference to prior versions is only visible in cases where a session wasn't sampled for quite a while and hence has a DELTA_TIME spanning multiple previous sample points. This also means that the I/O related columns in the "Activity Timeline based on ASH" now show only the PER SECOND values, no longer to the totals like prior versions

- Added a SET NULL "" in the configuration and initialization section for SQL*Plus environments that use a non-default SET NULL setting. This screwed up some internal switches so that XPLAN_ASH for example thought it's running in a S-ASH repository

- Added a note to the end of the output if no execution plan could be found and falling back to retrieving plan operation details from ASH. Also added the note to use MIXED or HIST ASH source option if no execution plan could be found in CURR mode, so execution plan has been purged from Shared Pool in the meanwhile

- Cloned the "cleanup" section from the end to the beginning of the script to ensure no current SQL*Plus environment settings influence the script execution. This is particularly relevant if the script execution gets cancelled before the final cleanup section is reached or some other, previous scripts left a mess behind

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