Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Version Of XPLAN_ASH Utility

A minor update 4.01 to the XPLAN_ASH utility is available for download.

As usual the latest version can be downloaded here.

These are the notes from the change log:

- More info for RAC Cross Instance Parallel Execution: Many sections now show a GLOBAL aggregate info in addition to instance-specific data

- The Parallel Execution Server Set detection and ASSUMED_DEGREE info now makes use of the undocumented PX_STEP_ID and PX_STEPS_ARG info (bit mask part of the PX_FLAGS column) on

- Since version 4.0 added from on the PX *MAX* DOP in the "SQL statement execution ASH Summary" based on the new PX_FLAGS column of ASH it makes sense to add a PX *MIN* DOP in the summary to see at one glance if different DOPs were used or not

- The "Active DOPs" column in the "Activity Timeline based on ASH" was extended/modified: The number in parantheses is no longer the simple count of samples but the Average Active Sessions (AAS) per DFO / bucket.

From it now shows also the DOP of the DFO in brackets, so the
output could look now like this:

1[16] (14.5)

which means DFO 1 at a DOP of 16 had an AAS value of 14.5 for this time
bucket. If there are multiple DFOs active in the time bucket, they are
separated by commas:

1[16] (3.5),2[4] (1.5)

which means DFO 1 at a DOP of 16 had an AAS value of 3.5 and DFO 2 at a
DOP of 4 had an AAS value of 1.5 for this time bucket

A new version 4.1 is already underway that includes new 12c features, so stay tuned.

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