Sunday, October 25, 2009

UKOUG 2009

I'll be giving two one hour presentations at the upcoming UKOUG conference 2009 at Birmingham (30th November - 2nd December):

1. Monday, 30th November, 16:00-17:00: "CBO fundamentals: Understanding the different modes of System Statistics"

2. Wednesday, 2nd December, 11:05-12:05: "Everything you always wanted to know about FIRST_ROWS_N but were afraid to ask"

Both presentations cover fundamental functionality of the Cost-Based Optimizer which will help you to better understand why and how the optimizer comes up with certain execution plans, and in particular how the underlying cost calculation works. So eventually, if you haven't got an explanation yet I'll show you what the "cost" calculated effectively means and how to appropriately use the different optimization modes (ALL_ROWS, FIRST_ROWS, FIRST_ROWS_n) available.

So if you happen to attend the conference I'm looking forward to meeting you there.

By the way, I recommend visiting this link and save your personalised agenda to help with the room planning.


  1. Hi Randolf,

    went to your second presentation and thought it was very interesting - gave me an insight into how you might start to go about working out what the db is doing under the covers!

    Sorry I didn't say hi; you were busy talking to someone afterwards and I didn't like to interrupt!

    Thanks for the excellent presentation!

  2. Hi Boneist,

    glad to hear that you found the presentation helpful... It's a pity you didn't say hi - next time please come around. Don't get irritated by those OakTable fellows asking nasty questions after presentations :-) just kidding.

    Actually since it was the first time I presented this topic I wasn't able to cover everything I wanted - so you might want to go to the UKOUG website and download the presentation - there is some interesting stuff at the end of the presentation I didn't manage to cover.

    I'm planning to make both presentations available for download to the public soon, but first I have to get things going again after returning from the UKOUG.


  3. Yeah, I really regret not saying hi now, but ... was feeling shy! Definitely, definitely next time! Doug mentioned that he chatted to you at the bar in the Fire room on Tuesday whilst I was not far away, but he forgot that I'd mentioned that I wanted to meet you! (Not that he should have remembered, like, but I am cursing myself for yet another missed opportunity!)

    Next time, at least I'll know what to expect from a conference, so I won't be worrying so much about that and can concentrate on being more brave in going up and talking to people!

    I will be checking out the slides, you can be sure of that! *{:-D