Friday, April 5, 2013

Free Webinar

It's webinar time again.

Join me on Wednesday, May 8th at for an overview session on the specifics of Oracle Parallel Execution.

The session starts at 16:00 UK (17:00 Central European) time. The webinar is totally free and the recording will made available afterwards.

Here's the link to the official landing page where you can register and below is the official abstract:


Oracle Parallel Execution, a feature of the Enterprise Edition, allows you to automatically distribute the processing of a SQL statement execution among multiple worker processes. This requires additional effort when analysing and troubleshooting such parallel executions, since it adds complexity that is simply not there with normal serial execution where only a single process is involved.

In this webinar I'll provide an overview of what these additional challenges are and how these can be approached. A live Q&A session will follow the presentation.


  1. Hi Randolh, I look forward to next week's webinar. In this webinar, can you address following questions:
    1 How instance caging in Auto DOP and DBRM env(over-provisioning vs hard partitioning) affects parallel processing?
    2 With the above env, how to calculate the optimal parallel related parameters? Using 11.2 doc formulas: (?)
    parallel_max_servers=cpu_count * parallel_threads_per_cpu * concurrent_session * 5 ?
    parallel_server_target=cpu_count * parallel_threads_per_cpu * concurrent_session * 2 ?

    3 Do you offer any online training? I have been a big fan of your blogs and webinars. It'd be great to learn from a master like you.

  2. Hi Amos,

    in the upcoming webinar I'll focus on different topics - I won't go into the details of Parallel Processing related parameters and further configuration considerations like Auto DOP and Resource Manager, though I know it is a topic of great interest.

    If you haven't done so, I recommend reading the blog posts published on the official Oracle Data warehousing blog, which provide a wealth of information around that topic area.

    Here's a (possibly incomplete) list of recommended blog posts:

    Calculating Parameter Values for Parallelism
    Auto DOP and Concurrency
    Auto DOP and Queuing Parameter Settings
    Auto DOP and Parallel Statement Queuing
    Workload Management – Statement Queuing
    Workload Management – A Simple (but real) Example
    Parallel_degree_limit hierarchy – CPU, IO, Auto or Integer
    Explaining Explain Plan Notes for Auto DOP
    Serial plans: Threshold / Parallel_degree_limit = 1

    Regarding the online training: From time to time Oracle University will schedule courses with me, some of them are also online.

    At present, though, there are none scheduled.

    An alternative would be in-house consulting / workshops, if your company is interested just get in touch with me.