Sunday, September 30, 2012

Multiple Adverts

Just a couple of announcements:

1. I had the message already a couple of days added to the "Upcoming Public Appearances" sidebar on the right hand side of this page, now the official home page is available and registration open for the "CBO Days" at Trivadis 11th and 12th December in Zurich.

Join Mohamed Zait (Manager of the Query Optimizer Group at Oracle), Maria Colgan (Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle), Jonathan Lewis, Jože Senegačnik, Christian Antognini and myself for two days fully focused on the Cost-Based Optimizer. You will not only learn about the history and present, but also the future of this very important Oracle Database component.

2. Oracle University is going to organize my one day master class "Mastering Parallel Execution" from December on.

This seminar focuses on the building blocks of Parallel Execution: At the end of the day you should be able to really understand how Parallel Execution works, how to read Parallel Execution plans and in particular how to diagnose Parallel Execution issues like skewed data distribution using advanced tools like Real-Time SQL Monitoring and Active Session History.

So after this session you should have the knowledge to fully leverage the power of Parallel Query and Execution.

Ideally as a prerequisite you should already have a good understanding of serial SQL execution and how to read serial execution plans.

If you are interested, get in touch with Oracle University so that they can plan accordingly.

3. Just a short reminder that the DOAG organizes another Webinar about "Cost-Based Optimizer Basics" which is free for DOAG members and takes place at Friday, 12th October 11am

4. The next "DOAG News" will include a accompanying article about "Cost-Based Optimizer Basics", where I provide a summary of the Webinar contents.

5. And last but not least, after OOW rush is over I expect OTN to publish a mini-series on "Parallel Execution" that gives more insights into contents of the master class mentioned above.

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