Sunday, July 22, 2012

Free Webinar

In a couple of days, on Wednesday, 1st of August, I'll be presenting another free webinar hosted at

Although it is called "Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer Advanced Session", don't be mislead by the title.

It is not a truly "advanced" session, but rather I'll try to delve into various topics that I could only mention briefly or had to omit completely during the first webinar on the Cost-Based Optimizer.

In principle it's going to be a selection of the most recurring issues that I come across during my consultancy work:

- I'm going to spend some time on statistics and histograms in particular and what I believe are the most important aspects to understand regarding them

- Why the clustering factor of indexes gathered by the statistics collection might be wrong (this was only briefly mentioned in the first webinar)

- Using the wrong datatype and how this impacts the estimates of the optimizer is going to be another potential topic

- Implicit datatype conversions are also an issue I come across quite frequently (Tom Kyte covered this already to some extent in one of the previous webinars I believe)

- Last but not least Dynamic Sampling, Virtual Columns and Extended Statistics are also worth to talk about if time permits it

This time I'm going to use only a couple of slides and mainly will run through some test cases that hopefully allow a live demonstration of what I'm talking about.

You can find more details and register here.

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