Introduction To Oracle Troubleshooting (ENG)

Why attend this workshop?

- Understand systematic performance troubleshooting: How to tackle ad-hoc performance issues

- Ready-to-use scripts and many live demonstrations


Improve your performance troubleshooting skills. Learn a systematic approach and using the right tool for the right job when facing an ad-hoc troubleshooting task

Required skills

Basic understanding of Oracle Architecture and how Oracle works. SQL, SQL*Plus scripting

Target audience

DBAs and developers

Course description

 In this one day workshop the following topics will be covered:

- An overview of a systematic approach to performance troubleshooting

- The importance of session statistics, the Oracle wait interface and more advanced instrumentation available

- Which methods to analyze runtime activities of Oracle are available along with many examples and live demonstrations

- How does Oracle execute a SQL statement and how do I read execution plans?

- Which options are available with Oracle Standard Edition?

- Oracle Enterprise Edition with Diagnostic & Tuning Pack: How to make most of the features offered like AWR, ADDM, Active Session History and Real-Time SQL Monitoring and in what situation I use which of them?