Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting (ENG)

Why attend this workshop?

-    Understand systematic performance troubleshooting: How to tackle ad-hoc performance issues
-    Basic and advanced topics covered (2 days), or only advanced topics (1 day)
-    Ready-to-use scripts and many live demonstrations


Improve your performance troubleshooting skills. Learn a systematic approach and using the right tool for the right job when facing an ad-hoc troubleshooting task

Required skills

Thorough understanding of Oracle Architecture, SQL, SQL*Plus scripting

Target audience

Experienced DBAs and developers

Course description

In this workshop we'll walk through some common troubleshooting scenarios, starting with the usual inefficient execution plan issues, showing that the Oracle Wait Interface and Session Statistics are usually well suited to spot anomalies and determine where excess work happens.

We'll then continue with some less common scenarios where the Wait Interface or Session Statistics tend to be useless and make use of some advanced troubleshooting techniques that still allow a systematic approach under such circumstances.

This is a live demonstration seminar along with a slides that describe the techniques applied.

Topics covered

- Extended SQL trace resp. Oracle Wait Interface (I/O, contention, locks)

- Session Statistics

- SQL Monitoring

- Active Session History / S-ASH

- Latch/Mutex Activity

- Detailed Consistent Gets analysis (excess consistent gets) with background information how Oracle internally works

- Oracle cursordump/errorstack/heapdump analysis

- Operating System level process tracing